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♥ exhibitions

♥ 2012 Art to Heart

The 6th of May Artists Celebrating Life opened the Art to Heart at Göteborgs Nation, Galejan Fest & Konferens in Uppsala.

I was invited to display art from my earlier exhibitions in the same theme - becoming a mom.

♥ 2009 Limegrå

The 4th of December 2009 it was time for some art and party! We celebrated the opening of our art project. Me and Frida displayed some new and some old art at our first mutual exhibition. Thank you all for coming!

♥ 2009 Salsta

The 22nd of August 2009 I had the honour to display acrylic paintings made for the bridal couple at Salsta Royal Manor.

♥ 2009 Face Me

I opened my first contribution to Hjo Art Fair the 29-31st of May. It was named "face me". Forced to face myself and I invite to contemplation. 

♥ 2008 Sneak Peek

Stylab celebrated their anniversary the 29th of Maj 2008 and invited me and Frida Teglund to show some paintings. We did a preview.

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