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A pair of certain earrings in a certain colour were always missing when I was getting dressed before I realized I could create them myself.

I love the glittering glamourouse beauty look. I decided to make my big and beautiful jewelry lightweight for a comfortabley wear. My creations are made in Sterling Silver and of any kind of fabric, beads of Nepal Wool or wood accompanied by Swarovski crystals for a perfect bling.


No, it was never in the plan.

Ever since I was a child I always enjoyed creating, loved color and had an eye for design. Whether it was new fashion collections for my barbie dolls, painting upon request or the time I got my entire family involved in selling customized candelabras and homemade candles for a youth business program, my passion was always there. Later on in life I took some graphic design classes and attended Beckmans School of Design in the evenings. I tried different ways to express my creativity but there was always something missing.

I ended up getting a part time job while in school. It drew me deeper into my workplace and further away from my passion. I became fully committed to my job and found myself in a new position, gaining more responsibility. I was working hard, maybe too hard. The creative side of me took second place. The position was too fast paced and I would not have been able to manage if it wasn't for my pregnancy, which forced me to slow down.

My maternity leave brought me back to square one. I was once again focused on my art and thrilled to be.

All of a sudden I started putting the pieces back together and started painting like never before. I loved it.

We bought Rödgrind and built the house we started designing years ago. The downstairs can be transformed into an art gallery with a coffee shop. Years and years of dreams, preparation, monotony, maturity, mama cares, lack of time and circumstances were over. A long and winding road eventually led to a place, our home.

My love for color and glamour reflects who I am. Paradoxically I don't like to flaunt, I just like being who I am.

My passion for color and my need to catch a feeling is significant in my artwork. Emotion and drama has to be exaggerated. I have found that my sweeping painting style works best using acrylics. Once the paint brush is in hand and emotions are stirring there is just no time to wait for oils to dry.

I named my first exhibit "face me." I forced myself to face myself. Feel free to contemplate.

Welcome to "face me".

Malin L Holm

Maj 2009

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